Beat the Heat!

Everyone loves the summer, but you may have run out of things to keep the kiddos off those screens and out of your hair. With School returning in just a few weeks (for some), here are our top five activities to help you beat the heat and keep your kids engaged.

  1. If you were anything like me as a kid, the creek was a magical place where anything could happen. A leaf-boat race, crawfish hunting, and dam building. If you have a creek nearby, let your kid’s imaginations run wild and they can cool off in the process!
  2. Have a car wash! This is really a two birds, one stone situation. Maybe the family car has seen better days and your kids have reached their limit of indoor activities. Problem solved! Get out the buckets and hose, let the kids splash around and soap up the car. They’ll get a kick out of being helpers, while you get to relax.
  3. I have never met a kid that didn’t love running through the sprinkler, even older kiddos will enjoy this water activity. You don’t even need a fancy “kid” sprinkler, just a run of the mill lawn watering sprinkler will do!
  4. Water balloons will never go out of style. This is also an activity your older kids will enjoy; who doesn’t love an old fashioned water balloon fight? Just remember to remind your big kids to avoid head shots and everyone will have a blast!
  5. A splash pad is a great way to beat the heat. Some towns or communities have bigger splash pads and if you have one near you, take advantage! It’s a great alternative to a pool and great for little one’s who might not be ready for the pool yet. You can also purchase smaller portable splash pads that hook up to your hose and act like a sprinkler with a soft pad underneath so little’s don’t scrape up their feet. These are just a few great ways to get outside and cool off! What are your favorite ways to keep the kids off the tablets and engaged when summer temperatures reach their peak?