Declining Scores

It should come as no surprise that COVID-19 has dramatically stunted American education. Our nation’s 9-year-old’s saw the largest decline in reading and math scores for the first time since 1990. These kids went through a pandemic, so it’s probably not shocking to know their education suffered. A report released by the National Center for Education Statistics outlines just how our children’s education was affected:

  • The lowest-performing students saw a 12-point decrease compared to the 3-point drop for the high-performing students. But both groups saw declines.
  • Black students saw a 13-point decrease in their math scores compared to their white peers at a 3-point decline.
  • There were no increases in achievement in math or reading. For 9-year-old’s the scores only declined.

It’s clear to the National Center for Education Statistics that no other factor could have had such a dramatic influence on this age group and they are taking it seriously when talking about how they plan to address the issue. They are actively working with states and school districts to use federal aid to assist in getting children back on track. They have already begun to see a large improvement and hope this continues. Students whose education suffered during COVID-19 may benefit from additional tutoring or Brain Training. Students at BrainFitU are averaging over four years of reading skill improvement in less than five months. And, unlike working with a regular tutor, BrainFitU strengthens and improves how easily the brain processes and learns any subject in school.