Brain Training or Tutoring?

You may be wondering what the difference between brain training and tutoring is, and that’s a really great question that we’d love to answer. Each has their own purpose and understanding how they are different can benefit you or your child. 

Tutoring is ideal for students who:

  • Have missed class and need assistance catching up 
  • Recently moved to a new school 
  • Benefit from having extra reviews of the materials 

Brain training would be a good fit for students who: 

  • Seem to need to work harder than their peers 
  • Have trouble focusing in class/lessons and assignments 
  • Have difficulty with core skills like reading or math 
  • Have tried tutoring in the past and didn’t see results 
  • Have learning disabilities that can make learning difficult 

Tutoring works through delivering information. Tutors can help students to learn new information, reteaching subject matter that the student did not understand, or teaching the same content in a different way to help students retain information. 

Every tutor is different and may have different approaches depending on your students’ needs. Outside circumstances, like absences, sickness, or inconsistent instruction due changes to the classroom teacher, can interfere with your child’s learning and would be appropriate times to find a tutor for your child. 

Brain training focuses on strengthening core learning and thinking skills. By improving these skills, it can make it easier for your child to understand and process information that they learn in school. Targeting and improving specific areas of learning, can improve your child’s focus, how easily they can memorize information, and their logical thinking skills.