Top 5 Concerns from Parents!

Your concerns are more common than you think! Here are the top five concerns that we hear from parents:

“My kid is smart BUT…” – he’s struggling in math, he doesn’t sound out words he doesn’t know, he just doesn’t retain it, has to study so hard but still fails the test, etc.

“It takes 2 hours to do 30 minutes of homework.”

“She could read it several times and still not understand what she read.”

“He is behind in reading and math.””I just want her to be ready for middle school/high school/college.”

The reality is most learning and performance struggles are caused by a weakness in one or more of the brain’s core skills. In other words, if even one of these skills is weak, no amount of tutoring, personal grit, determination, or accommodations at school or work will get to the root of the problem. Those things usually lead to unnecessary accommodations and frustrating compensations.

One-on-one brain training at BrainFitU targets and strengthens those weak skills and improves cognitive performance. And it doesn’t matter if you’re five or 105—your brain has the ability to make these changes.